Who controls your mind?

After studying the various effects of psychotropic drugs being force-fed to the masses for several years now, I can safely say that the truth is much stranger and much more terrifying than fiction. I began my research with no suspicions about our government and their motives. However, when I looked at the evolution of modern psychiatry in the context of historical relevance rather than a historical vacuum, the outcome was hard to swallow. There is a war for our minds, and we are losing that war.

The earliest stages of the contemporary era of mind control can be seen in Nazi Germany and the various psychological experiments executed under Adolf Hitler. The experiments conducted under the Third Reich utilized the mind altering effects of LSD among other things. The turning point for government mind control and a huge success for agents of mind control was documented in the widely publicized CIA mind-control research program Project MK-ULTRA. Project MK-ULTRA began in 1950, and under various other names over several years to come, continued at least until 1973 when then CIA Director Richard Helms destroyed the records of the project. While the CIA claims that Project MK-ULTRA was abandoned, 14-year CIA veteran Victor Marchetti stated in many interviews as late as 1977 that mind control experiments were still routinely conducted by the CIA.

A government investigation was conducted and revealed that the primary objective of Project MK-ULTRA was researching and experimenting with various methods of mind control. Like the Nazi mind control experiments, Project MK-ULTRA also used LSD, but they expanded their experiments beyond LSD and used much more advanced methods as well. As we now know, Project MK-ULTRA was in some way operational from 1950 until at least 1977. It is interesting to note that around this same time, primarily in the early 1970s, SSRI antidepressants were just being discovered. For instance, fluoxetine (Prozac) was just being discovered at pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly in 1970, and many others were being developed even prior to this. The FDA has already put a black label warning on all SSRI antidepressants due to increased suicidal, homicidal, and violent behavior. This was brought into mainstream exposure after Eric Harris, shooter at the Columbine High School Massacre, was shown to be taking SSRI antidepressants. The FDA was forced to take action after several shootings occurred; most of which SSRI antidepressants were involved.


~ by dirtyjeenius on May 6, 2009.

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