This is an excerpt from the book Mental Chemistry by Charles Haanel, edited by Anthony R. Michalski, and is part of The Complete Master Key Course — available through Kallisti Publishing.

“Great men or masters stand like solitary towers in the Eternal City. And secret passages running deep beneath external nature give their thoughts intercourse with high Intelligence, which strengthens and controls them. And of which the laborers on the surface do not even dream.”
The Master Mind is within your body and soul, yet interpenetrating both. It is the Grand Man—the God Man—of each of us. It is the same in all human beings and is what is familiarly called the “I AM.”

A Master is one who is not controlled or mastered by flesh, blood, the Devil, or others. He is not a subject, but a ruler. He knows, and he knows that he knows; because of this he is free and can be dominated by no one.

When you have reached the point where you are steadily mastering and overcoming and clothing your mind with more and more knowledge, you have your face toward the Light and are moving onward and upward.

Law becomes your servant and is no longer your master. You speak your thought or word accompanied with faith, will, and the proper mental picture, and your word accomplishes that whereunto it is sent. Or, in other words, the Creative Law hastens to fulfill your word.

High tension power represents direct contact with Spiritual Power and just as in the electrical world it must be reduced to a lower tension to be of practical, mechanical value, so this high tension power in man must be transformed and reduced in the Soul (or Subconscious Mind) to become of practical utility in the business world. We become masters by self-study, self control, and self-directed effort.

The thirst for the unrevealed and hidden knowledge should be so great that we are well nigh ready to welcome death to obtain it. The idols of conventionality, custom, and respectability must in no wise be allowed to become a stumbling block or barrier on the path. Everyone who has ascended to the mastery has had to come to the place where he dared to defy the thought, the judgment, and the reason of the objective world.


~ by dirtyjeenius on May 13, 2009.

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